Palestine & Peace: The Challenges Ahead

30 April 2007 at 10:10 am | Posted in Hanan Ashrawi, News, Palestine, Sydney Peace Prize | Leave a comment

On a recent visit to the United States, Palestinian Legislative Assembly member, Dr Hanan Ashrawi gave a public lecture at the Palestine Centre, an independent think-tank. In her lecture, the 2003 Sydney Peace Prize recipient spoke of the challenges facing the pursuit of peace in Palestine.

In an Houston Chronicle, Dr Ashrawi also spoke candidly about the American policy in the Middle East and life under occupation. 

“We do not choose to be political or activists. This is life to us. I would love to have the luxury of being an academic and continuing my academic pursuits and writing and so on. But reality intrudes, and you have to do what you can. I didn’t choose for my hometown to be under occupation. I didn’t choose for my life to be disrupted like this, for my daughters to be traumatized all their lives, for my students to be shot and killed. I didn’t choose to be arrested or detained or beaten up in Palestine. These things happen to you. If you are a human being with a minimal sense of conscience and responsibility and justice, you better do something about this. It seems to me this is what most Palestinians are doing.”

Read the full interview here.


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