Tutu at sea

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Since February this year, Nobel Laureate and 1999 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been at sea. He is serving as Distinguished Lecturer in Residence aboard the MV Explorer as part of the Semester at Sea program.

Semester at Sea is an American program which offers three academic voyages a year around the world. Participants from more than 250 US and international universities, circumnavigate the globe aboard the 24,300-ton campus of the MV Explorer, attend classes in a closely knit environment with an international faculty, complete fieldwork and travel while in port, and earn course credit through the University of Virginia, the academic sponsor of Semester at Sea.

This is not the first time Tutu participated in the SaS program, but it is the first time he is participating in the entire 100-day voyage.

“The mission of this grand experiment has been to foster greater intercultural understanding by exposing its participants—young and old, students and faculty—to people and cultures around the world while providing them with a sea-going classroom in which to study and absorb what they’ve seen and learned,” said the Archbishop who will be presenting a series of lectures on the voyage.

The ship has since visited Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Brazil, South Africa,Mauritius, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Hawaii before finally docking in San Diego, California on 14 May.

Click here to see the video featuring the SaS programme and Tutu.


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