Yunus gets Venezuelan award

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez awarded Nobel Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus with the “Order of the Liberator in First Class with Grand Decoration” on Friday. Yunus was awarded with the highest national honour of Venezuela for his micro-finance innovation.

According to The Daily Star, Chavez reportedly built his political movement based on Yunus’ ideas of focussing on the poor women and extending micro-credits. Yunus has also visited Venezuela and advised Chavez on introduction of several micro-credit initiatives.

Speaking at a press conference in Caracas on Friday, Yunus said the global fight against terrorism has taken away momentum from efforts to combat world poverty.

The 1998 Sydney Peace Prize recipient said the Millennium Development Goals set by the United Nations, which include reducing extreme poverty by half by 2015, is far from achieving its goals. The resources and attention needed to achieve these goals have been diverted to the work on terror, he said.

“The whole thing came with enormous enthusiasm … but that enthusiasm got delayed along the way,” The Associated Press reported Yunus as saying. “Attention went into the war on terror rather than the war on poverty.”

But the Bangladeshi economist remains optimistic. “Now we are at the midpoint between 2000 and 2014,” Yunus said. “We hope we can put the whole thing back on track.”


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