Blix: Nuclear power without weapons is possible

28 August 2007 at 10:16 am | Posted in Hans Blix, Sydney Peace Prize | Leave a comment

2007 Sydney Peace Prize recipient Dr Hans Blix said it is possible to have nuclear power without weapons. The to are not inextricably linked, he said at the United Nations Association of Australia 2007 National Conference in Melbourne.

“It’s a question about the (political) will, and therefore the decisive thing is to create such a world where countries don’t feel the need for nuclear weapons,” Blix said.

“One of the most important ways to curb weapons’ proliferation is working to avoid states feeling a need to obtain nuclear weapons…I hope the window of opportunity is not yet shut. There may still be time to wake up and turn back to co-operative solutions to contemporary security challenge.”

Read an edited extract of Blix’s speech here.

Blix will be in Sydney to receive the 2007 Sydney Peace Prize in November. Former Australian Prime Minister The Honourable Paul Keating will present the Prize to Blix at an Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the Great Hall, University of Sydney. See here for details.

For enquiries and bookings for the Gala Dinner, please contact the Sydney Peace Foundation.


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