Poverty fuels terror

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“You can never win a war against terror as long as there are conditions in the world that make people desperate — poverty, disease, ignorance, et cetera.”

In an interview with CNN, Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu said poverty fuels the war on terror.

“I think people are beginning to realize that you can’t have pockets of prosperity in one part of the world and huge deserts of poverty and deprivation and think that you can have a stable and secure world,” the 1999 Sydney Peace Prize recipient told CNN.


Muhammad Yunus commemorative stamps

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Bangladesh has released a commemorative stamp to honour Professor Muhammad Yunus’ Nobel Prize win.
The stamp featuring the inaugural 1998 Sydney Peace Prize winner was launched by Bangladesh’s Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed last  Wednesday.

Yunus: give aid directly to the people who need it

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Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus has called on Japan to expand its ODA (overseas development assistance) to include social businesses, Bloomberg reported.

Yunus, the inaugual Sydney Peace Prize in 1998, said the traditional ODA which depends on government-owned infrastructure projects to stimulate economic growth is “a very roundabout way” of reducing poverty. To do that effectively, “It should be the government to the people of the country wherever you are sending money,” he said.

Yunus added that Japan and other countries who contribute to overseas aid should consider extending the aid to projects that local people can run as their own businesses and expand on their own.

He said: “Asia is in good shape right now…The thing is, can you get poverty down to zero level? Poverty doesn’t belong in a civilized society.”

Tutu launches London foundation

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu launched the Tutu Foundation UK last Friday in London. (See earlier post about the Tutu Foundation.) The Foundation aims to bring the experience of truth and reconciliation to the inner city communities of Britain.

To mark the launch of the Foundation, the Nobel Laureate and 1999 Sydney Peace Prize recipient spoke at an exclusive Reuters Newsmaker event.

At the event, Tutu urged more tolerance and understanding of religions. Speaking at the event, the former Archbishop of Cape Town called on the journalists to be “passionate about letting people judge for themselves, that you would be careful about some of the language that you do actually use”. He said the media could be a force for good but that it had responsibilities.

South African Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu warned that the gap between rich and poor in South Africa was widening, in an interview published Friday.

Separately, Tutu also spoke to the Financial Times in London, criticising the slow pace of wealth distribution in South Africa, saying “most (people) are languishing in the wilderness”.

He said: “I’m really very surprised by the remarkable patience of people,” Tutu said, adding that most of the people living in shacks under white rule, were still doing so today.

Read Reuters’ biography of Tutu here.

Poverty is a threat to peace

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Can globalisation be a force for good? Can social businesses help eradicate poverty?

According to Professor Muhammad Yunus, it can be done. The Nobel Laureate and Sydney Peace Prize recipient outlines how in a guest op-ed piece for Spiegel Online.

Make poverty history

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Yunus at Vanderbilt Photo: Neil Brake/Vanderbilt University

Professor Muhammad Yunus has received the second Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal and an accompanying prize of $100,000 from Vanderbilt  University, in Nashville.

Yunus, the inaugural Sydney Peace Prize recipient in 1998 and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, received the award on Thursday. Yunus is a Vanderbilt alumnus, having graduated with a master’s and doctorate degree from the University’s Economics Department.

Speaking to graduating seniors, Yunus told Vanderbilt students to make poverty history. He said there is nothing wrong with poor people and that poverty is not created by the poor, but by “the system that we built”.

“The seeds of poverty are in the broader vein, not in the persons…poverty is imposed on some people artificially,” he said. To change that, institutions and policies have to be changed.

“It is our job, your job, to change the way you want it to be. If you don’t want to change it, it will never get changed. So it is our job to create the world that we want to live in and feel tall, feel that we have succeeded in creating the world that we would like to have, and that is the world where I feel nobody should be a poor person in that world,” he told the graduants.

Listen or watch Yunus’ speech.

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